Panels & Repair

We stock most parts to repair typical front end damage, wings, bonnets, grills, bumpers, front panels and x members

We stock radiators for most makes and models and our range also extends to air conditioning units, heater matrix, and some fan assemblies.

Further along the car, we can supply door skins, repair panels and mirrors plus repair sills and arches to keep that old favourite on the road! Moving to the back our extensive range of rear panels, bumpers and petrol tanks complements our range.

We have a comprehensive range of refinishing products from a roll of masking tape, compounds, and polishes to computer formulated paint colours, for that perfect finish.

As well as our traditional Lechler auto paints, we now have their new water based system, which will gradually replace the automotive 2-pack and cellulose, the use of which will be prohibited in 2007.

We also have a full industrial range, again with colour matching facilities, including industrial range cellulose and 2-pack so whatever your requirements, we have the paint for you.

If you need a data sheet or health and safety information for a Lechler product, click here to take you to the Lechler website.